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Tereson Dupuy

Awakening LOVE in a Wounded World

A Woman of Many Blessings to Share

Hi, I'm Tereson. Welcome to my home!

I was blessed with an abundance of gifts in this life. I am an inventor, entrepreneur, budding writer, musical artist, spiritual medium, and online educator.


And It is my soul's purpose to share these gifts with you and be of service to others wherever I can. I hope you find a little bit of yourself here, and open your heart to the LOVE running through you, so you can join me in this Heaven on Earth which is waiting for you to find it. 

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A True Story of Love, Loss, and The Afterlife


From Shark Tank to Spiritual Awakening 

What if death was but a dream–a spiritual game of hide and seek? What if human suffering was a choice instead of a life sentence? And what if every single heartbreak that brought you to your knees was an invitation to not only imagine heaven, but to actually get there while still alive. 


The Return of Eden is more than one woman’s journey through the darkness often accompanying trauma, grief, and loss. It provides a road map, through messages channeled from her son, Eden, from across the veil, for creating a life beyond your wildest imagination, where dreams effortlessly manifest into reality; where life is a mystical adventure; and where your loved ones in spirit are always available and never too far away. 

The Refusing to Drown Podcast

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When life knocks the wind out of you... just keep swimming!

In the beginning of 2020, when the world was falling part, one of the worst things that could ever happened to a person happened to me. I lost my son to suicide. And for the majority of the following 12 months, I fought for my life. I started this podcast, which is the beginnings of my story... but it certainly wasn't the end, which you will read in The Return of Eden when that hits store shelves! 

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Blessid Dirt 

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Get to know my acoustic duo with music that moves you.

For 10 years (or longer) I dreamed of having an acoustic duo. And since in my world, and yours too if you wish, dreams come true! Get to know my acoustic duo and hopefully we will see you at a show soon! 

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