Sliding Scale Coaching for Brand Builders

Entrepreneurship is hard. Building a consumer product company is flat out brutal! Using me as a coach to build your brand will make that road considerably easier.

What does working with me look like?

I am not your typical business coach. I am someone who will get in the trenches with you and help you build your business the RIGHT way the FIRST time. Otherwise, you are bound to make costly mistakes and delay your success. Why do that when an expedited path can be laid out before you? 


During our time together:

We will build your own personal road map to success

We will strategize AND implement executable plans 

We will attempt to keep you sane and inspired

We will tear down barriers to achieving your goals 

We will keep you from falling into expensive holes 

You won’t feel so alone in the process

You will tap into my 20 years of experience and resources

Think of me as the co-founder that you don’t have to fork over equity to and can break up with at any time! 


Because I am very sensitive to the financial constraints of startups, a sliding scale fee structure is available for those interested in kicking things up a notch. 

Workshops & Peer Groups

I have recently started holding small mentorship groups for female founders in consumer products. I like to say the content that you will find in the group cannot be found in Google! 

Some of the topics you can find in this group are things like "how to fundraise successfully" or "building your personal brand as a startup founder" etc. Of course, many of my Shark Tank peeps who are KILLING IT in their businesses can be found popping in as guest speakers on specific topics for brand owners. 

This group is by INVITE ONLY, so schedule some time for us to talk to be considered for the next one which will start in the Summer of 2020. I do this group on a donation basis. Payment is not mandatory to attend. 

Mentorship Group Application

How long have you been in business?


Tell me why you want to be in this group.

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