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Amazon A+ Page for Never Stop Giving Project

Amazon A+ Page

This A+ Page is The Never Stop Giving Project’s home on Amazon. It will be attached to ALL of the products, not just one. It should give a good overview as to what is offered, and how it works.


Graphic Size: 600 x 180

Section: Empower Your Journey: Unlock Your True Potential and Create the Life You Desire

Embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth with the Never Stop Giving line of mental health journals. Packed with invaluable lessons, thought-provoking prompts, and empowering tools, they will guide you out of the depths of depression and anxiety, and into a realm of serenity, clarity, and purpose.

But that's not all – the adventure continues with our complimentary companion app. It's more than just an app; it's your personal cheerleader, keeping you engaged with your journaling practice and diligently tracking your progress. Imagine having a dedicated coach right in your pocket, inspiring and motivating you every step of the way!


Graphic: 300 x 300

Section: About The Never Stop Giving Project

The Never Stop Giving Project offers transformative tools, trauma-informed training, and experiences to people and organizations committed to improving their mental health. With these tools in hand, people are encouraged and trained to share these tools with others, resulting in a cycle of service and positive change on the planet.


Graphic Size: 600 x 180

Section: Experience The Never Stop Giving Difference:

Box 1:

The Team

These journals were created by a team of people who have seen the darkest sides of life and have championed through them. Now, these same people, through the pages of these journals, are helping you do the same.

Box 2:

The Journals

The journal experience cultivates scientifically proven behaviors that change the brain chemistry of the user producing similar results of common psychiatric drugs without the side effects and with permanent results.

Box 3:

The App

With the free companion app, you will be guided, prompted, held accountable, and given the support you need to see real results. With TIPS (our optional on-demand support feature), you will never be left alone.


Graphic Size: 220 x 220

Section: How the Process Works

Box 1: LEARN: Each week new life lessons are learned to inspire you to find your purpose and achieve mental wellness.

Box 2: DISCOVER: Writing exercises help you discover new parts of yourself and generate more self-awareness.

Box 3: HABITS: The journal helps you develop healthy coping skills to deal with life, and stress, better.

Box 4: SUPPORT: With the on-demand support feature found in the app, you are never alone and you will reach your goals faster and easier.

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