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Post Webinar Signup Email Series - Saddie to Baddie Challenge

Email sequence to encourage people to enroll in a course titled “Saddie to Baddie”

Email 1 - Post Registration


You took that first step, congrats!


Use this self-assessment tool before we meet.


Hello (first name),

I want to take a moment to say congrats for signing up for my webinar, 3 Secrets to Beat Depression without Expensive Therapy or Bad Medical Side Effects.

It takes a lot of courage to know you need to change something about your life. It takes even more guts to do something about it.

You took that first step! And I am very excited for you.

Before we meet, if you have not done so yet, please take the depression self-assessment.

>input button here

It will only take a few moments and will be an excellent tool to use as you begin implementing the techniques I am teaching in the webinar.

I want you to be successful in your approach. This assessment will help you see how you are progressing, making you feel even better when you see results!

We are meeting in just a few days. I can’t wait to see you in the room.

Your Signature Here


BREAKING CYCLES - Learn to Identify THOUGHTS that keep you depressed and how to break that negative thought cycle.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Develop techniques to gain control over your emotions instead of letting your emotions control YOU!

OUTSMART DEPRESSION - Adopt the one key depression hack for shifting your energy from a depressive state to a more energized, positively focused you.

Email 2 - 1 Day before the webinar


You don’t have to feel like that!


Beat your depression and start living the life you want to live with these three tools.


Hello (First Name)

Tomorrow is the day that could change your life for the better.

It is the day you will learn the secret tools from me, a licensed psychiatrist, on how to beat your depression.

Don’t believe the lies…

  • That depression is only treated with medication.

  • That healing from depression takes years with a professional.

  • That you have to rehash all of your life traumas to feel better.

The truth is…

  • You can begin feeling better today by reframing the way you think.

  • And it is easier than you might have once believed.

  • You just need the tools to do it.

When you join me in this webinar, you will learn how to…

  • BREAK CYCLES of depressive thinking that keep you stuck and miserable.

  • Develop techniques to increase your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, so you feel free.

  • Adopt one key secret to help you OUTSMART DEPRESSION for good!

Don’t let fear and the addiction to negative thinking keep you from showing up!

Be BRAVE, take that next step in your mental health, and I will see you in the webinar tomorrow!


Email 3 - Morning of Webinar


The change starts with you!


Just a few more hours before your depression is a thing of the past.


Good morning, (first name)

Today is the day! I’ve been thinking of all the ways I could help you get out of this depressive rut and start living the life you were meant to live.

You know…

A happy life filled with joy.

Where you are enjoying successful and nurturing relationships.

Have an active social life.

And are feeling fulfilled in your career.

Do you think these things are available to only some people, not you?

Then you MUST show up TODAY to find out how wrong you are!

The clients I work with have all been where you are now. Today, they are killing it in their personal lives by applying these simple but incredibly powerful tools I am teaching in the webinar.

You could be the next success story that went from “saddie to baddie” by applying what I teach.

I can’t wait to see that happen for you.

See you in just a few hours.


Email 4 - 15 Minutes Before

Title Options:

The future “you” is waiting.


Log in now for 3 Secrets to Beat Your Depression without Expensive Therapy or Bad Medical Side Effects.


(First Name)

We are starting in 15 minutes! Click below to log into the webinar.

There is nothing to lose but your depression… isn’t it time?


Bonus Email: Depression Buster Tip #1

Title: Depression Buster Tip #1

Snippet: Change your posture, change your life!

Hello (fname)

I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming webinar so you can learn how to break free from depression for good.

But before we start, I would like to share some tips with you that can get you well on your way.

These techniques I am sharing might seem simple, but simple is what works! So, let’s get to it!


When we are depressed, our body shows it. We slump, we sag, we walk slowly.

When we practice the opposite of what we are accustomed to, our mood changes!


Practice walking. Yes, that’s right. Walking! But not just any kind of walking…

  • Stand up.

  • Shoulders back.

  • Chest out (but don’t overdo it)

  • Head tall.

Now, walk. Walk around your house, your neighborhood, your office space.

How does it feel to walk with such confidence?

It feels good!

Make these power postures a daily part of your practice and watch how you begin to feel differently each day.

See you soon!

Bonus Email: Depression Buster Tip #2

Title: Depression Buster Tip #2

Snippet: Do this for 5 minutes a day and watch your mood improve.

Breathing. We all need to do it to stay alive. But for many suffering with depression, the breath is shallow. This does not allow enough oxygen to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. This lack of oxygen can have all types of negative effects on your mental and physical health.


Follow this practice every day for 5 minutes and see what happens. Notice how you feel after each breathing session.


  • Close your eyes.

  • Take a long, slow deep breath through your nose.

  • Fill up your abdomen with air.

  • Hold for 3 seconds.

  • Exhale through your mouth to the count of 8.

  • Repeat for 5 minutes.

Take note of how you felt before your breathing session and after. Who knew something so simple could have such a profound effect on your mood?!

This is just one tip for treating your depression. I will be sharing more in the upcoming webinar so…

See you in the webinar soon!

Bonus Email: Depression Buster Tip #3

Title: Depression Buster #3

Snippet: Become more self-aware with this easy tool.

You will be rewarded with feelings of accomplishment when you see the progress you are making in your journey from Saddie to Baddie! And it is hard to feel depressed, when you see yourself moving in a positive direction.


When you track your mood on a daily basis, you begin to identify triggers.

Identifying triggers and the resulting emotions, creates more self-awareness.

Becoming self-aware is a huge step in freeing yourself from the chains of depression for good!


  • In the AM - rank your mental health on a scale of 1-10

  • Log your mood throughout the day.

  • Identify what triggered a change in mood.

  • How did you feel when that trigger happened?

  • What behavior followed the trigger?

  • In the evening, where do you fall on the scale from 1-10?

Do this for a week or more and watch how you slowly (or quickly) move up the scale.

There are lots of other tips and tricks I have to share with you in the upcoming webinar.

It won’t be long now. See you shortly!

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