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Press Release: HighHello Cannabis Delivery Service

HighHello - The Monthly Cannabis Subscription Club Launches 4 New Box Options and In-store Pickup

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 15, 2023. Michigan-based Cannabis delivery service, HighHello, launched their first two flagship subscription boxes in January of 2023. The service has quickly grown from two boxes to six given its rapidly growing popularity. Now, there is a subscription option that meets every cannabis consumption preference. This expanded selection gives consumers a perfectly curated cannabis experience they can look forward to every month without leaving their home, standing in lines, or being overwhelmed. They have even added a local pickup option for their customers convenience; available at Natures Remedy Cannabis in Ferndale, MI.

HighHello subscribers can now choose from a variety of options.

Mixed Box: Contains a mix of products for the cannabis enthusiast, including two 8ths of high-quality flower, one fat preroll, a pack of mini pre-rolls, two delicious edibles, and one terpene-rich vape cartridge. Box Cost: $100

Edibles Box: People that love edibles will be delighted when this box arrives packed with a fun mix of 6 goodies, such as chocolates, gummies, drinks, and tinctures. Box Cost: $75

Flower Box: This is a flower lover's dream box. It contains two 8ths of high-quality flower, one big fat preroll, and a pack of mini pre-rolls for on the go. Box Cost: $75

Newbie Box: This box eases newbies into the love of cannabis with one over-stuffed preroll, a pack of mini-rolls, two smooth edibles, and one vape cart. Box Cost: $75

Dabber Box: For the love of dabbing, this one packs a punch with 4 ounces of concentrate. Box Cost: $105

Smoker Box: With two eighths of flower, one big fat preroll, and a terpene-rich vape, this box is a smoker's delight. Box Cost: $75

NEW: The one-time box experience for people with commitment issues.

Another new addition to the HighHello line of offerings is the single box. Not every Michigan-based cannabis consumer has a desire to subscribe to a monthly cannabis subscription. Now people can order a one-time box from HighHello to get the same variety of cannabis products for a one-time delivery. No subscription necessary.

About HighHello

HighHello is a true cannabis subscription club that provides education, guidance, and great quality products conveniently delivered to your home. Subscribers get the support and expertise they need with 15-minute private monthly budtender consultations and an all-access pass to The Green Room, an online resource for all things cannabis. HighHello builds relationships with cultivators and seeks to promote local cannabis brands, so members can discover and learn about the wide variety of products in the market - all at preferred pricing! For more information, visit or email

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