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Press Release: Youni Leakproof Underwear

It's Time to Change Your Underwear: Two Single Moms Restore Dignity for Those with Incontinence

New Orleans, LA, June 5th, 2019 - Tereson Dupuy, a local inventor and former ABC Shark Tank contestant, is tackling a topic that most people shy away from. Building on her success in modernizing cloth diapers for parents, she has now turned her attention to designing a revolutionary product for adults. Introducing Youni Underwear, a line of super sleek, odor-controlling, and attractive leak-proof products that provide individuals with incontinence a newfound sense of confidence and dignity.

The Youni Company Empowers Adults with Incontinence, Providing Washable and Eco-Friendly Underwear to Restore Confidence and Control

Studies show that eighty percent of adults experiencing incontinence are seeking an alternative to disposable adult diapering products due to the negative psychological impact it has on their self-esteem. The Youni Company aims to address this need by offering real, washable, and eco-friendly underwear options that allow individuals to feel normal and regain control over their lives.

"People are aware of what they wear beneath their clothes, and it profoundly affects how they perceive themselves," explains inventor and Youni co-founder, Tereson Dupuy. "Wearing an 'adult diaper' can be soul-crushing for many individuals. Our mission is to restore their confidence and enhance their quality of life."

However, providing an alternative solution for leaks is just the beginning for these two passionate single moms and co-founders. Drawing from their own life experiences, they are committed to making a genuine difference through their "Wish upon the Youniverse" program. Instead of simply writing checks, they take a hands-on approach, actively empowering people in crisis. Their core values revolve around the belief that You 'n I can change the world, one sustainable product and one act of kindness at a time.

Tereson Dupuy and her team at The Youni Company are revolutionizing the way individuals with incontinence experience life. With Youni Underwear, they are not only providing a practical and eco-friendly solution, but also restoring dignity and instilling a renewed sense of confidence in those who need it most.

For media inquiries or more information about Youni Underwear and The Youni Company, please contact:


The Youni Company is currently launching a crowdfunding campaign and is seeking support from local news programs to help get this product and their bigger philanthropic mission into the world.

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