Superpowers for Entrepreneurs

A 12-Step Approach to Business Success

Get the tools you need to weather any crisis in your business!

Often times we experience hardships in our entrepreneurial life, it is the rule... not the exception. Superpowers for Entrepreneurs is a spiritual toolkit that will ensure you are well equipped to tackle those challenges and stay sane during the process. 

In this book, I will help you eliminate the crippling fear that can cause us to be catatonic, unsure of our next move.


I will help you see that make sure that your decisions are divinely guided, and not tainted by the motives and insecurities of the EGO?

I will help you see the bigger picture view, instead of the crisis-oriented default our minds tend to be in.

Wouldn't you like more peace, serenity, and confidence in your entrepreneurial life and less fear and anxiety? 

Of course, you would! 

Download a copy of my book today, and embark upon a  journey to a more enlightened form of entrepreneurship. It works, I promise! 

The 12 Steps for Entrepreneurs

1. Understanding Our Control Issues


Identified things we can and cannot control and realized that there is always room for improvement.

 2.Connecting with Something More


Came to believe that ourselves, our business, our passions, and our purpose have a powerful higher consciousness that already has all of the answers and is here to help us become unlimited in our potential and our success. 

3. The Art of Surrender


Decided to allow a higher consciousness that has all of the right answers to co-create with you to achieve your best possible outcome. 

4. Self Awareness


Took a deep dive into ourselves to find our limiting beliefs, patterns, and underlying drama that keeps us from being the limitless and fearless entrepreneur that we know that we are. 

5. Ego Deflation

We admitted to ourselves, our Higher Consciousness and a trusted person the exact nature of our limiting beliefs, fears, and character liabilities. 

6. Becoming Open

Became entirely ready to release all limiting beliefs, old scripts, and success sabotaging patterns. 

7. Allowing Change to Happen

Humbly renounced the need to be in control and surrendered to our Divine design to change us, heal us and create us into who we were meant to be.

8. Karma Clean Up

We made a list of all areas of our business that our limiting beliefs have negatively affected and became willing to make changes where necessary so that we don't make the same mistakes. 

9. Forgiveness & Action

Took action to mend any and all aspects of our business that our limiting beliefs and behaviors have affected. 

10. Continued Commitment

Made a daily inventory of our accomplishments and challenges and made a plan of action to make adjustments where necessary.

11. Communication

Sought through Universal communication and meditation to increase our conscious connection with our Higher Consciousness seeking only It's higher purpose for us and the strength to see it through to fruition. 

12. Service

Having had a shift in consciousness as the result of this process, we tried to be of service where we could through mentorship and philanthropy and sought to practice these principals in all aspects of our lives. 

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