Tereson Dupuy has been an inventor and entrepreneur for 20 years. Her first flagship product, FuzziBunz Diapers, were invented to end the diaper rash dilemma her infant son was facing in 1998. She not only built a multi-million-dollar enterprise around this product, but changed the industry for the better by providing a modern cloth diapering solution for families around the world and being a public advocate for a return to more sustainable diapering solutions. She is now disrupting the industry of adult incontinence with her new company “The Youni Company” which is not only about sustainability, but goodwill towards our fellow humans in need.  


Tereson’s experience in consumer product goods is vast. After realizing she had a “hit” that people wanted, she quickly grew her company doubling, tripling and sometimes quadrupling sales from year to year and she did this by bootstrapping alone. She began by building her own manufacturing facility and fulfillment center employing 30 employees so that she could keep a close eye on quality and provide just in time inventory. Once she outgrew her own facility, she went on to use outsourced manufacturing in the USA, Mexico, China and Turkey.


Branding and marketing seemed to be second nature for Tereson, but Public Relations was her sweet spot with multiple stories being spun to the media on a regular basis. She has been featured in publications such as Money Magazine and The New York Times and has appeared on shows like Big Ideas for a Small Planet, The Big Idea, The CBS Morning Show and countless local and regional news shows for not only her brand, but her success as an entrepreneur.  Tereson ultimately landed a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2012 and exited her business shortly after.


More than an entrepreneur, Tereson is a visionary with a strong propensity for influencing positive social change. She is a fearless leader and does not flinch at talking about things that matter such as environmental conservation, our disposable society or in this case, the shame associated with incontinence, our bodies and the aging process.


But she is far more than an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Tereson has recently published her first book, Superpowers for Entrepreneurs – A 12 Step Approach to Business Success, which helps entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls she fell into as a young entrepreneur. She is teaching entrepreneurs to wield the power of spirituality to grow and run their businesses from a place of “flow” rather than “fight” and seeks to motivate and inspire them to do just that.


Tereson is available for coaching, consulting and public speaking. Find out more at www.teresondupuy.com

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