“I came to a point of not quite knowing what I needed, so I reached out to my fellow Shark Tank alumni Tereson and with her expertise got more than I hoped for. Tereson was patient, professional and came up with thoughts and ideas that only someone who has been down the road of entrepreneurship would think of. I highly recommend Tereson not only as a professional for her services but also as an individual in leadership. She is a force to be respected and I am honored that she takes time out of her crazy schedule to work with me, and my company, Shower Toga.” 


Kressa Peterson - Shower Toga 


"Swabbies needed a professional Pitch Deck & Executive Summary to present to potential investors. Tereson and Anna jumped right on it to meet our deadline and not only produced a fantastic deck with great graphics and content they also added in a bonus one-pager.'”


Carmen Campbell - Swabbies Cream


“Tereson is an awesome go-getter who gets the job done. She puts her years of experience into everything she does and it shows. You would be lucky to have her on your team. At least I’ve always felt that way on everything she’s done for my company.” 


Scott Shields - Eco Nuts


"Tereson has brought creativity, focus, and discipline to our company and has taken our brand to a whole new level. Tereson is adaptable, flexible, easy to work with and committed to the brand she is representing. You won't find a  more dedicated or experienced team member."


Peter Champe, BabyComfy

"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Tereson. I have had the pleasure of working with Tereson for over 15 years as she helped grow my first company with her innovative product line. I have always been in awe how Tereson can take an idea from ‘seed to flower’ when it comes to business growth and product development. Any company would be fortunate to have Tereson join their team."


Kelly Wels, Author & Entrepreneur

"I've worked on and off with Tereson for 10 years, watching her take a once small idea and turn it into a multi-million dollar empire. Tereson is passionate, creative, strategic-minded and willing to take the risks no one else is willing to take. Sometimes her risks pay off, sometimes they don't. But what I admire about Tereson is she always manages to bounce back quickly to turn things around for herself and her clients. 

If you're looking for someone to help you develop new products, help you position your brand in the marketplace, and/or take that next step - or leap - in your business, you should definitely tap into Tereson's wealth of knowledge and experiences." 

Jenny Finke, Blogger & PR Consultant

"After acquiring the FuzziBunz brand in 2015 I watched Tereson re-brand the product and restructure the company. She was able to achieve a complete turn around of the company and has put the time and talent into the brand itself that only she could. In a market that is struggling, she has been able to do amazing things with the brand with her creativity and drive."

Dennis Fedourouk, Brainy Baby

"Let me count the ways. Tereson has helped us bring our business to the next level. She is a  fantastic addition to our team. As our Brand Manager, she has guided and assisted us step by step as to what to do next. She has expertise in big-picture objectives. She makes things happen. She gets into the nitty-gritty of things as needed. Not only that but she is very pleasant to work with. We feel thankful to have had Tereson on our team."

Elise Champe, Eclipse Sun Products

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